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Day 14

Holy cow! Two weeks! We’ve made a lot of progress. Writing this early in the morning because I have a busy rest of the day. I have some errands this morning, then hanging out with some friends. I’m bringing my laptop, and we’re going to playtest the hell out of Tag. I’m going to take a bunch of notes, and we might even take some videos. For science.

Yesterday night, 11:00 PM, I decided to rewatch “The Social Network.” I’d seen it a while ago, but didn’t remember following it well. Well, this time I followed it. The movie was really good. Visuals were great, loved the soundtrack, and amazing writing. 9/10 would watch again.

Today if I have time after playtesting, will work on the usual things. Mostly CPU control & joystick input.


Day 13

Day 13, how lucky! Today I have added support that you can choose how many players you want (up to 4 currently (maybe more way later)). The item display bug is finally completely fixed! Wow! Now you can consistently accurately tell what item you have. I’m going to go back to working on joystick control/CPU play. Also, I’m going to start tweaking the “win” screen, as right now it can’t handle ties or less than 4 players – a glaring issue. I’m going to attempt some a screenshot or two tomorrow.

Also, for the sake of the blog I might get some sort of schedule in line. Right now I’m thinking every Wednesday and Saturday will have screenshots, maybe a feature announcement every Monday. None of this is final, but I’ll let you know when I get some of schedule like this down. It’ll help me be a more consistent blogger, and help draw more people towards the blog itself.

Day 12

Going to work on some final tweaks before the alpha version. Going to attempt to put in some form of CPU players, and joystick control. Joysticks were being awful on my Mac, so I’ll have to try it on another computer. Woo! I’ll keep y’all updated. I want to try to release this as soon as possible.

Day 11

And here we have attached a picture of the last stage in the game (so far, there will be more) the forest stage!


It’s a very wide open map, and it’s a lot of fun chaos. I look forward to seeing all of you try it! Also, we have a look at the stage selector, where you choose what stage you want at the beginning of the match.


Here you can see the electricity stage being chosen!

Stay tuned for more information!

Day 10

There are two new things in this picture, one obvious, one less obvious.beachstage

First off, beach stage! I am very proud with the results, and everything looks good. The docks are loads of fun when playing with friends, and add some interesting strategies. The hidden thing of the picture is the small speed indicator over green players head. You can now see when people have the speed effect. Cool!

Thanks for tuning in today! Tomorrow, you’ll get a look at ANOTHER stage (woah, two in two days) and a smaller look at how the main menu has changed.

Day 7, 8, and 9

I’m combining more days into less blog posts, and I don’t like that. I’m going to try to go back to a 1:1, blogs:days ratio in the future.

I’ve got a lot of things added since we’ve last checked in. I’d love to show it all today, but since I’m swamped with work this weekend I’m going to do a slow burn and schedule it all out over the weekend. Today, you get to see the results screen!


Woah, high technical! This explains the rectangles on day 6! The graph shows the amount of time each player was it. Therefore, the player who was it the least is the winner. Also, it conveniently shows who was it at the bottom. There is a home button to the main menu on the top left, with awful temp-art.

Thanks for tuning in, tomorrow you get to see a new stage! Here’s a sneak preview:


Day 5 & 6

Working on a bunch of experimental features that I can’t really show, yay! Mostly fixed the item bug, now everyone receives items properly.  Now I just need to SHOW that players have received items properly, yay! Soon the game will be in a winnable state, so you can actually have matches. Whether or not I’ll release it or not in this early of a state, probably not.

Meanwhile, I’ll leave you with this cryptic

What the hell was that? What’s with the color bars? Why are patches of the floor missing? What’s that white square on the bottom left? Don’t worry about it, it’s mostly debug stuff, but those bars will be used (not during matches).