Day Two

Hi all, after some working on Tag last night and this morning, I added a few things!

  • Added a countdown before each match starts
  • Gave the players way better temp-art
    • They look like people
    • Instead of becoming a box that says “it,” there is now a floating sign over their head that says “it.” It’s a huge improvement
    • And instead of disappearing in the “no tagbacks” frames, they become slightly faded. It looks really nice

Here’s the first ever public screenshot of Tag: Championship Edition:


Woah! In this picture, you can see the four players. Green player is It, and red player has no tagbacks. The ? Box in the middle is an item, two of which are implemented so far. Item boxes are mario kart style, so you don’t know what item you’ll get when you grab them. The two weird green patches are walls which I used for collision detection testing 😛

Now I’m working getting item indicators working (so you know what items you have,) and making the game winnable. Right now it goes on forever!


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