Day 13

Day 13, how lucky! Today I have added support that you can choose how many players you want (up to 4 currently (maybe more way later)). The item display bug is finally completely fixed! Wow! Now you can consistently accurately tell what item you have. I’m going to go back to working on joystick control/CPU play. Also, I’m going to start tweaking the “win” screen, as right now it can’t handle ties or less than 4 players – a glaring issue. I’m going to attempt some a screenshot or two tomorrow.

Also, for the sake of the blog I might get some sort of schedule in line. Right now I’m thinking every Wednesday and Saturday will have screenshots, maybe a feature announcement every Monday. None of this is final, but I’ll let you know when I get some of schedule like this down. It’ll help me be a more consistent blogger, and help draw more people towards the blog itself.


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