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The Journey East Saturday Update #3

Hi all, sorry for the late Saturday update. As like last week, I have a lot to talk about but little to show. Most things I could show will spoil things in some way or another.

Here’s what I can tell you: we are 1/2 done with all the levels of the game. Now, this doesn’t mean halfway done with the game: I still have to add sound, story, and general polish, but it does mean that we are moving along very nicely.

This week I added a new team member. I can’t tell you who they are or what their role is yet as I don’t want to promise anything that may be subject to change, but their work is extremely promising, and I can’t wait for their task to be more of a sure thing, so that I can show it to you.

Now after talking about all the stuff I can’t talk about or show you, here’s something I’ll show you!


Woah! Look at all those spikes! What could this stage be all about?


The Journey East Saturday Update #2

Welcome back to “The Journey East” devblog. This has been a busy week, and I am proud to show you all the new things that have been added.


First and foremost, a dialogue system! Now you can talk to people, read signs, and much more. I’ve never done anything like this before, and had fun making it! It automatically spaces itself out horizontally, and does line breaks – which means I can spend more time on the dialogue and less time spacing the words within the rectangle. Yay! (2).gif

Also, we have a new character sprite! (RIP Mr. Wavy Arms, I’ll find some place to put you in the game.) This isn’t final, he’s mostly just a placeholder to get all the running and jumping animations implemented on the code side.Messages Image(4288582499)

Finally, we have the beginnings of our first town. Please ignore the terrible people placeholder sprites and instead focus on the gorgeous houses.

Please know A LOT MORE has been added than I can talk about, let alone show. A lot of features have been tweaks in the engine, spoilers I don’t want to show, or just too early in development to be properly showcased. Everything is movingĀ along smoothly, be sure to tune in next week!

The Journey East Saturday Update #01

This is an exciting week! The Journey East successfully raised $159 from the $150 it was asking for on last Tuesday, January 12th. This week, I’ve devoted a bunch of time into making The Journey East into an even better the game.

First off, we have new art!


Look at that beautiful grass, bricks, spikes, and sand! Currently I’m just ordering sprites as I need them, so this is about how much we have so far. Yes, we still have “Mr. Wavy Arms,” I’m kind of sad that we have to leave him. I vow to find some way to sneak his wavy arms back in the game!

Our next new update is to the engine of the game – physics in particular!


Here you can see “Variable Jumping” – the longer you hold the jump button, the higher you jump. A simple and important feature.


Here’s one of the most requested features of the game: smoother jumping. Look at that beautiful arc through the air. The days of diagonal jumps are long dead.


Finally, you can see inertia! The player keeps moving for a small distance after you jump! Also, you can adjust your jumps easier in mid-air. It helps avoiding snakes and spikes a lot!

Finally, I’ll leave you with one last new feature which I’ve just started on. It’s very alpha, so please don’t mind the graphics and some of the positioning. I feel this feature will make the game a whole lot more immersive and beautiful- parallax background objects!


Thanks for tuning in this week! Please tune in again next week to see what great changes have been made to the project. Leave in the comments what you think of the changes so far, and what you would like to see in the future!