The Journey East Saturday Update #2

Welcome back to “The Journey East” devblog. This has been a busy week, and I am proud to show you all the new things that have been added.


First and foremost, a dialogue system! Now you can talk to people, read signs, and much more. I’ve never done anything like this before, and had fun making it! It automatically spaces itself out horizontally, and does line breaks – which means I can spend more time on the dialogue and less time spacing the words within the rectangle. Yay! (2).gif

Also, we have a new character sprite! (RIP Mr. Wavy Arms, I’ll find some place to put you in the game.) This isn’t final, he’s mostly just a placeholder to get all the running and jumping animations implemented on the code side.Messages Image(4288582499)

Finally, we have the beginnings of our first town. Please ignore the terrible people placeholder sprites and instead focus on the gorgeous houses.

Please know A LOT MORE has been added than I can talk about, let alone show. A lot of features have been tweaks in the engine, spoilers I don’t want to show, or just too early in development to be properly showcased. Everything is moving along smoothly, be sure to tune in next week!


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