The Journey East Saturday Update #3

Hi all, sorry for the late Saturday update. As like last week, I have a lot to talk about but little to show. Most things I could show will spoil things in some way or another.

Here’s what I can tell you: we are 1/2 done with all the levels of the game. Now, this doesn’t mean halfway done with the game: I still have to add sound, story, and general polish, but it does mean that we are moving along very nicely.

This week I added a new team member. I can’t tell you who they are or what their role is yet as I don’t want to promise anything that may be subject to change, but their work is extremely promising, and I can’t wait for their task to be more of a sure thing, so that I can show it to you.

Now after talking about all the stuff I can’t talk about or show you, here’s something I’ll show you!


Woah! Look at all those spikes! What could this stage be all about?


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